Monday, October 22, 2007

Is the Duck Mooing?

The speculation on the cause of the Glorietta II bombing is that it is an accident and not, repeat NOT malice. PhilCentral relays comments by Senator Panfilo Lacson that the explosion was due to fuel vapors coming from the backup generator. I am skeptical (as are other) of THAT particular explanation, but the focus of Filipino bloggers remains on dumb accident or negligence.
Inner Sanctum explores the accident theory, which he says “geek friends” proposed even when official statements started focusing on that possibility:Over the weekend, several geek friends of mine have put forward deflagration as the probable cause of the Glorietta blast, especially after The Inquirer published a composite image of the blast site inside the Glorietta 2 lobby.According to them, deflagration is just like a gigantic fart, wherein tremendous gas pressure is released similar to a gas-powered canon–meaning, in one direction–as opposed to the ripple effect of a bomb.Philippine Commentary goes to greater lengths and points to One news item shows how intense emotions have gotten: Kin of Glorietta victims ask Arroyo for justice, not cash.
Source: Manuel L. Quezon III – Evidence 22 October 2007

So, while many of us discussed the possible connections to Islamo-Terrorism it seems very possible this explosion is not what it seems. It seems that duck-like animal is not quacking but mooing instead. That does not mean there are no problems with Islamic terrorism in the Philippines it means Glorietta II does not appear to have been an instance of it.

I would not be extremely shocked to hear it was a natural gas explosion:
And because the political situation is tense, notes from the peanut gallery expresses a suspicion that can only gather steam unless the authorities make an effort to remain sober and calm. For now, ksolaris points out one reason a gas explosion is the main theory right now:They’re still investigating the cause, and I’m wondering if it’s a busted LPG tank, since I do remember that some time earlier this year, one of the restaurants inside the mall caught fire…. The restaurant was back in business after about a week.A spokesman from Ayala Land says it doesn’t appear the explosion emanated from any restaurants.
Source:Manuel L. Quezon III –Target of opportunity (updated) 19 October 2007
In addition, DJB at Philippine Commentary dusts of explosion aracana to learn blast mechanics to try to understand the forensic evidence.

One more piece, angeliz105 at relates her witnessing the events at Glorietta II. To be sure, much is lost but still it is possible to imagine and get an inkling.

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