Friday, October 05, 2007

A Dilemma

Wisconsin Republicans are negotiating looking up – that is from a weak position:
Those close to the budget talks said there is no agreement yet on whether to carve transportation out of the budget. Supporters of the idea said doing so could speed up passing the rest of the budget to meet an Oct. 15 deadline to avoid a $79 million increase in property taxes for schools in December.
Source: JS Online – Medicaid package lives in Assembly (It's a significant part of deadlocked budget)
All the taxers have to do is to hold out and they win! Do you want the kick on your left or right butt-cheek?

The GOP Assembly has been doing as much as they can, but will fail in holding the line on taxes. So now the question comes to which is more destructive and hold that one off.

I suppose after October 15 the Senate Democrats will become more reasonable.

An interesting development – I just got an e-mail from Charlie Sykes talking about some political grandstanding being setup by the Governor and the UW: "If this is not the use of state resources -- and federally protected data -- for political purposes, I don't what would fit the definition.". Read Charlie's blog, quite obviously the woman who was instructed to send it out was not comfortable doing so.

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