Friday, December 14, 2007


Fred Thompson scored points with me.

When told the only acceptable answer to the globaloney (anthropocentric) warming question was yes or no, he told them he was not going to participate.

Globaloney (anthropocentric) warming is not a yes or no question. I agree the earth is warming, I disagree humans are the cause of it. I disagree hamstringing our economy is going to do anything to solve it. The earth's climate is not a steady state of 1960s climate. I know how all was love and acid in the '60s and how many want to preserve the '60s as much as possible, but 1960s weather is like any other it is fleeting and bound to change.

I am undecided when (other than nos on Ron Paul and Huckabee) it comes to the GOP presidential race. I think McCain is a stronger candidate than what many of my fellow conservatives give him credit for, despite his stands on immigration and socialized campaign financing. Giuliani is a great candidate for homeland security or defense, but I would rather not see him as president.

Is my view petty? I do not think so, I thnk Fred took an issue that the reporter was trying to cast as black and white and refused to treat it as such.

All the talk about how conservatives see the world in stark black and white is just that, talk. The view that conservatives and can not see nuance is a cheap caricature. It seems to me the left veers between impenetrable complexity or the starkest of yes and no. Wiretapping bad guys from Afghanistan is always and everywhere evil there is no downside, detaining the bad guys in Gitmo is is always evil, or Ahmednuttyjihad is engaging in extremely complex rhetorical devices and does not mean what he says.

Fred Thompson, I am not on board with you yet, but a number more of such displays of leadership and courage and I will be with you.

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