Wednesday, December 05, 2007

TIC Minion Not Charged

Wenday at Boots & Sabers notes the Washington County DA is not going to charge James Buss with any crimes. I am not displeased by that. He is not criminal just a naughty boy!

However, a couple of interesting comments pop up immediately:
I hope it doesn’t take too long for Mr Buss to sue owen,the city of West Bend and his ISP. They all need to be ‘taught a lesson’ and show the other overzealous prosecutors that saying “Oops, so sorry” doesn’t cut it.
Source: Boots & Sabers Commentary on No Charges
Far be it for me to criticize anyone for anonymous speech, but I do criticize Twoofer II for spoofing Charlie Syke's e-mail address. Yes, so sorry does cut it.

A lesson to all contemplating posting on the internet. Sarcasm does not do well over the internet! The subtle verbal and visual cues we give while going sarcastic do not travel over the internet. If things would have been for real, then the police and Superintendent Patricia Herdrich would have been accused of gross negligence and "Oops so sorry, we thought it was sarcasm" would not have saved them.

Another post is posed under "james buss" and from the pronouns used to reference the real James Buss it is is another spoof. Of course, there are a number of commentors making it all to be a RoveMcChimplerBurton plot to which Donna retors:
A liberal posing as a conservative makes idiotic comments on a conservative blog. A school superintendent (who, I am guessing, is not a Republican, since most people connected with the educational system in this country are not) readss , the post, panics and complains. The police investigate. The teacher is suspended without pay (again, a decision made by largely Democratic school admininstrators).

And a poster says it’s the Republicans who have let “their imagination run wild?” No, Mr. Logic-Challenged Bone head, it was Buss’s imagination running wild that started this thing in the first place.
Source: Boots & Sabers Commentary on No Charges
No need to add anything to Donna's comments.

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