Friday, November 23, 2007

The Fastest Taser in the West


First view this video:

Now, dude (the taseree) is suing someone over this, what a shock that is!

However, the reaction to the video is mixed. Wretchard at the Belmont Club notices this and the commentary is about split even with a slight majority favoring the officer.

However, of more interest is Nick's take:
he audio is hard to get at times because of traffic, but at no time do I ever hear the motorist get verbally abuse [sic], or angry. He simply wants an explanation, and the cop refuses to give him one, and does a poor job of explaining why he won't. Instead, the police officer orders the man out of the car, and then without warning tases him. Then he jokes around about it with an officer who comes as backup.
Source: Dare to Question a Cop - Get Tased – The World According to Nick
First, the story as I understand it is the officer pulled the car over for speeding. The driver pleads his case to the officer and asks for a further explanation however the officer does not and then presents a citation to the driver and requests the driver's signature.

Now, most of the time when I have been asked to sign such documents (health dept inspections, notice of a new contract etc) the initial signature is not a plea of guilt or innocence but a acknowledgment of receipt and or a promise to deal with the ticket as the law requires. In the instance of early '90s ticket to properly deal with it I had to fill out the form on the back pleading no-contest, cut a check, and drive to Lancaster to pay the fine to Grant County.

A buddy of mine received a ticket for speeding in Bonduel some years ago. However, he noticed thee officer forgot to fill in the speed and as a result he managed to get the charge dismissed. So, why the motorist decided he wasn't going to sign the ticket is beyond me.

Since taseree decided not to sign the ticket the officer asked taseree to get out so he could be placed under arrest. Taseree then exits the car per officer request and then Taseree starts to ignore the officer's orders and the rest is a YouTube hit.

Now many claim there was no warning. I grant you there was no verbal warning, but the officer pulled his taser when it was apparent Taseree was resisting arrest and did not fire the taser immediately. Furthermore, the officer pointed the taser at Taseree when Taseree could see the taster aimed at him. When an officer points a taser at you, surely one would not assume it was out to swat a fly away? There was no chance Taseree can claim he thought the taser was pointed at someone else. Taseree saw the taser pointed at him and surely it passes common sense if a weapon is pointed at someone, someone should realize the weapon's use is imminent. If a mugger pulls a gun on someone it usually goes without saying the mugger is likely to use the gun.

If you want to see a bad case of cop going nuts watch this one:

Not only does he go nuts and start to threaten the young man he also starts to reject the young man's attempt to defuse by schmoozing. The cop talks of all sorts of problems in the area (car thievery and the like) but lectures the young man extensively and then tells the young man not to agree just for the sake of agreeing.

I suppose one may question why the alternatives are signing the ticket and arrest, which is a reasonable question. I would hope wise & crafty legislators can come with other ways to encourage compliance. For example, tell the guy to sign or have his license suspended, of course an arrest may happen on the next traffic stop when Taseree is driving while his license is suspended.

Just sign and receive the ticket. Fight it in court.

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