Sunday, January 13, 2008

Album Review NFL Film's The Power and the Glory

I just obtained the CD The Power and the Glory a recording of the music of NFL Films.

I often hear these songs on various advertising and when I do have an NFL films video playing on the TV. Most notably the song Roundup which was the inspiration to ask for this CD for a Christmas gift. The song without the distractions of someone reading a script over it delivers its hair-raising promise. That song is an electric piece of music and when heard in its entirety delivers quite a bit. I can see playing this song when I need a pickup or want something to drive me (whether it be on the ski hill or the workout gym).

The CD consists of one brief track of John Facenda reading some football related poetry (typically about the game, the moment, the seasons, the men,...) or sounds direct from a game (players talking each other up, a coach exhorting his team) to some of the music in the background, and then the next track is the music without voice over or other distraction (Sorry Ray Scott, when I hear your ads in the morning I am trying to filter you out).

As I said, I asked fo rthe CD based on Roundup, but there are other gems in the collection I have yet to dig out, but a quick listening finds at least four other tracks that eventually will end up in my listening repertoire.

I do not like the CD's title as it is lifted directly from a prayer, but that aside, I think this CD is a good one and sits in the relatively wide open field of those CDs that form the border between pop music and classical music.

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