Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vote Fraud & IDs

The Indiana state law requiring photo ID to vote is before the Supreme Court. Lo & behold it turns out the case before the court springs from a woman who was busted for being registered in two states. Here is the story.

An old woman shows up a polling location in Indiana and presents a Florida ID. She is refused a regular ballot and refuses a provisional ballot, goes gets a Indiana ID and comes back and casts her vote. Read the story, I think this woman is in deep doo-doo no matter what happens and vote fraud is the least of her worries.

This is the exact situation voter ID laws are setup to catch. Such laws are not exclusively out to catch the deliberate. Computer security is every bit as worried about preventing the "oh $#!+" moment as well as deliberate sabotage. The woman in this case is closer to an "oh $#!+" case than out and out fraud but is no reason the case should be dismissed.

Also, from reading the details it sounds like this woman knew exactly what she was doing and was doing to provoke the court case.

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