Saturday, December 15, 2007

Whallang Utak

Whallah is a blog run by the Wisconsin blogger Xoff who is Bill Christoferson. He essentially a high level Dem operative. His main mission in Whallah is to keep an eye on mainly Jessica McBride, I give him credit for not naming this effort McBride Watch or something similar, all of those variation based on Watch make me sick and are brainless.

However the credit ends there. Reading his latest take on on one of Jessica's blogs has me wondering.

You have to admire, in a sick sort of way, the unbounded audacity of Jessica McBride to distort, twist or simply offer bald-face lies with no shame.
Source: Whallah – 'Knowing' Jack Abramoff
Hmmm, pretty strong language. However, nothing Jessica states is a lie or can be considered a lie. There is no doubt the entire GOP was tarred by association. Jack Abramhoff's misdeeds even entered in the race for Governor with Mark Green having taken contributions from Abrahamoff's organization. Yes, specific Republicans (and Xoff notes Dems too) did have more than associations with Mr. Abrhamoff, but the point is not centered on a few Republicans.

Xoff's silly blog is loaded with ad-hominen attack against Jessica unworthy of s serious blogger and more akin to the barking of a junkyard dog or a school yard bully.

Jessica's point still stands desite Xoff's petty musings. Here is what Jessica said:
If Al Sharpton goes down over this, will fellow Democrats be tarnished for knowing him, like Republicans were tarnished for knowing Jack Abramoff? Will this be painted as symbolic of corruption in the Democratic party at large, like the Mark Foley scandal and the GOP?
Source: McBride's Media Matters – How much coverage will this get?
Jessica does not name specific Republicans she names a party. The Dems and their toadies painted the GOP as the party of Jack Abrhamoff corruption and there is no doubt some were (Dems too) connected directly to Abrhamoff, but that is not the point Jessica is making.

Jessica's question & point is a valid one and is no way a lie.

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