Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Dynamics Favor....

Dope, that is BO (phew) Barak Obama.

So much about this election reminds me of 1992. The housing sector of our economy in the duldrums, a press very eager to pump up that situation and a string of Republicans in the Whitehouse.

While tonight's debate is not about Dope, BO (phew) or Senator McCain it really is and while Biden is not blowing it he is playing a good game and a draw favors him, he is playing defense and doing well. Sara's problem is she IMO comes off as populist or even lefty and it just depresses the bejeezus out of myself. Why is she talking up about her record of regulating and stealing from the oil companies? Is it left & lefter debating?

The talk of the financial meltdown too also casts way too much credibility on BO's position. It wasn't predatory lending and lack of regulation it was a mix of items and part of those items include regulations forcing expanded lending to the unworthy. No one puts a gun to a person's head and forces them to take out a loan. Part of the problem was easy money all the way up & down the lending chain.

I think she got some good hits in on foreign policy and Biden is not doing so good there. Dope, that is BO (phew) is on record of saying different things regarding Israel to different groups and is on the record opposing the surge. Joe's attempts to cast McCain's opposition to a timeline as opposing funding is a cheap debate trick I think most people will recognize as unworthy of even a high school forensics newbie.

I can only hope BO's ties to domestic terror and a group key in bringing in pushing for lessened lending standards will keep him a minor senator from Illinois.