Thursday, December 11, 2008

You need Threads to Spin

Very quickly here, no links.

Rush Limbaugh is trying to spin a dark conspiracy with respect to the termination of the Blagojevich investigation. He insinuates representatives from the Obama may have leaned on the DOJ to bring the investigation to an end.

Byron York has a better explanation. The investigation details made it to the Chicago Tribune notifying Blagojevich of the investigation and therefore Blagojevich would (at least something most rational people conclude) cease engaging in his corrupt behavior or at least become much more circumspect about it.

Some caller also noted this investigation was not started until after the election of President-elect Obama to the presidency, obviously trying to imply the investigation was held up to not diminish Obama's electoral chances. Well, duh! The seat did not open up until that day — there was nothing to trade away for self-gain until after the election.

There is going to be much for us to criticize Obama on, this is not one of them.