Friday, November 14, 2008

In All Fairness

There is a general (and in my opinion realistic) fear among the right-wing talk radio circuit, bloggers, and supporters the government our nation is set to seat this coming January is going to reinstate the fairness doctrine and perhaps go farther in the regulation of speech than it has in the past. I too am concerned about it.

I have long held such action would be in clear and direct contradiction to the First Amendment of the Constitution. Many on the left may say they are at such a disadvantage when it comes to talk radio we need government interference (a bailout?) to restore fair balance. Hey, guess what, that imbalance did not seem to hurt the left in the last two election cycles, huh? Similarly, I believe the reverse applies to what we on the right refer to the mainstream media - TV and print journalism what most people consider the objective media (which I do not consider objective) the media channels most people get their news and information from. There is no clamor on the right for the government to step in and muzzle the MSM, why should there be such a movement on the left?

That is, the mainstream media has not in the past kept the right-wing out of power.

That is, to blame losing on the media whether it is in the tank or not is a cop-out, reasons for winning and losing are deeper than just that.

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