Thursday, June 11, 2009

Air Force One is Here!

Let it be known I am no fan of President Barak Obama or his policies. I considered joining the protests being organized by Todd LoHenry and Jerry Bader. That said and out of the way.

This is a very cool event. In fact, my brother just called to tell me Air Force one just flew over his house.

I had a close encounter with Air Force One back in spring of 2004 when I drove in the motorcade that conducted President Bush, staff, and guests from ATW to downtown Appleton and back. It was a thrilling experience. On the way I saw supporters and opponents lining the roads. Some opponents expressed respectful disagreement some did not. I am hoping today's protesters keep their disagreement respectful.

One thing though. I am going to hear complaints from people about being inconvenienced from the visit, we are going to hear people P&M about the expense to the local and national taxpayer. I have no sympathy for those arguments and in any event they tend to come from anti-President partisans trying to score cheap political points (especially the part about expenditure of taxes). This is a visit from OUR President no matter how you feel about his positions on matters it is a sign of respect from him to the many people of this nation for him to visit.

Presidential visits are not cheap. The expenditures for this trip began way before it was announced as I am sure his organization started planning this a long time ago and this means the Secret Service had to spring into action a long time ago as well.

So take the visit as a good and grand thing, because no matter who the President it, it is a scene to behold!