Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Political End Times

Remember from 2000 to 2008 how we constantly heard how President Bush and his administration would gin up an emergency and call off the elections and assume dictatorial powers? Sure, I recall hearing it all the time, in addition, I constantly was reading from those "in the know" how the administration was about to instigate a war with Iran?

Sure, I read about it all the time too. Those with sense realized what the talk was and that is paranoid lunacy — the cry of the "barking moonbat".

Well, I am seeing the same thing here on the right. Usually it comes in the form of election rigging via ACORN and similar. Of course, such talk does not account for dealing with the presidential term limit (where is the term limit for members of congress) but I am sure quite a few people will be able to come up with something, after all, many are not giving up on the notion that President Barak is not a citizen of the US.