Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Crivitz Flag Fracas

Apparently, there is a little squabble going on in Crivitz WI. Apparently, a man is starting up a restaurant and can not get a liquor license. As is noted in the comments of the story new restaurants can use the extra boost a liquor license gives. I myself will often avoid restaurants that do not serve adult beverages, especially, at dinner time.

Anyway restaurant owner in protest starts to fly his US flag upside down. Well, this action has drawn the ire of his neighbors and from reports have taken some drastic steps to get the flag right side up again.

Now, I consider it bad form to fly the US flag upside down unless one is in dire danger and not being able to obtain a liquor license does not in my book count as dire danger (and this goes for the leftist loons who would do the same during their protests). I agree with the owner that he should get that license.

Still, what is the controversy about dude's flag? Why should neighbors skulk into his yard to try to right it? Leave him alone or help him get that license.