Thursday, September 03, 2009

Mercury Marine — Voting Again

The IAMAW Local #1947 union is voting for a third time, wow, I guess you really do get three strikes.

However, an interesting report arises from the Wisconsin Radio Network:
Rodriguez [one of the organizers of the re-vote effort] says there’s a lot of politicking going on at Machinists Lodge 1947 in Fond du Lac, where the voting is taking place on the contract. He says it’s hard to believe that people are telling workers to vote no again, after all of the work that went into calling a third ballot.
Source: Wisconsin Radio Network —
Pressure on for Mercury Marine workers
This is why unions stink. This union has been given plenty of opportunity to accept the contract including a re-vote and yet another do-over on the vote. Now, they have the third re-vote and the Union is still trying to muscle workers into rejecting the contract.

Let us pray this vote is affirmative and then the workers vote again on IAMAW decertification.