Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Claudia & Marcus are a bit down.

Claudia & Marcus Aurelius are a little down of late.

Some very dear friends are moving away and we will miss them greatly. We only recently met them, Augustus is from a neighboring state and Adria is from the same island that Claudia originates from. We met just last July/August at the St. Bernadette's Church Picinic. Most of you involved in similar relationships have lived this story too. Claudia was browsing the rummage sale and she bumped into Adria, one of them asked the other if they were a Phillipian. Indeed!

I then was introduced to Adria & Augustus and we hit it off immediately. I put out very tentative feelers to see if Augustus was for Georgius or Jno (the Presidential candidates). He was for Georgius! So we did not have to tip-toe around that topic and we just found all four of us were suited for each other. In fact Augustus is as conservative as myself and so too is his family. Augustus and Adria were also eager to help with the University of Santo Tomas Singers concert that me and some other friends were putting on. They also eagerly stepped up to help out with NEW Bayanihan's Project PEN. They will return for the benefit but obviously can no longer help with it.

Anyway Augustus just received a promotion that locates him near his family and friends. Claudia and I helped them do some packing tonight and they left to drop off their belongings and to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family. They will have one more load when they return and will be departing Appleton December early.

We can not certainly hold them back when he gets a good promotion and a chance to be with his parents (who are in their mid-80s and still farming), but good friends are hard to find. Claudia particularly likes Adria, and Claudia sings Adira's praises to an extent I have not heard since Claudia joined me here. I too am down since it is hard to find good people who share of themselves as much as Augustus and Adria do.

Anyway we are planning a trip with them this summer overseas and perhaps next fall we can go visit them and shoot some pheasents.

And so it goes.

With cell phones and the internet we are really not that far away anymore.