Monday, February 14, 2005

Bob Beckel on Hannity & Colmes on the Jordan affair.

Bob Beckel was on Hannity and Colmes this night and was working the standard lines and Colmes was not arguing anything to convincing either.

Beckell took to slurring the blogosphere and Colmes tried to defend Jordan's comments using the EJ Backpedal maneuver and tried to say it did not happen as reported.

First the affair is on a tape somewhere and it is quite possible for them to release that tape (this is a point I have not heard being denied) release the tape and if EJ did not say what he did then it is over and blogosphere has big time egg on its face. The fact that two Democratic members of congress where there and outraged by what EJ stated is quite a point against him.

The EJ backpedal maneuver consists of lawerly parsing of the language. He says the journalists were mistaken for bad-guys and "targeted" as would be any bad guy in a battle. Certainly if I want to shoot a particular object I must "target" it. However, the reports I heard are that objections were raised and EJ did not back off or clarify. The same reports have him basking in adulation as foreign attendees praised him for his courage in confronting the US Military. It clearly sounds like EJ was accusing the US Military was deliberately and consciously targeting journalists.

The funny thing too is those on the right ask for evidence of the charges. Like in the Rather scandal they state even though the evidence provided is bogus or non-existant their story is still ture. Sorry guys, if simple assertion does not work for us it will not work for you either.