Monday, February 21, 2005

Friday Night Observations.

  1. Scott McCallum on O'Reilly.

  2. Scott did well. O'Reilly was obviously trolling to make a quid-pro-quo connection between Doyle's silence on Ward Churchill and the money he received from the tribes during the '02 election. Silly, as the controversy has nothing to do with Churchill's bogus indian connections. O'Reilly can be good and he can be bad, this night he was not so good.

  3. Perle vs. Dean

  4. Did not see the whole thing, and missed the incident where the guy chucked a shoe at Mr. Perle and cussed him out. I find it ironic how quickly the "peace-nik" type resorts to violence.

    The little bit I saw had Dean charging the Bush Administration with no long term plan. Which is amazing because Democrat's long term horizon seems to be about one year. It is hard for any modern day administration to have a long term plan because they are limited to eight years in office and President Bush is now under four. The plan (IIRC this was from New Sisyphus) is to democratize the Middle East. Certainly many of the governments that will take over will have an anti-American flavor to them but it is much easier for democracies to deal civillly with each other and it will be easier to convince Middle Easterners that we are not evil incarnate.