Friday, February 18, 2005

The imminent death of leftism or wrap sandwiches?

Wrap sandwiches it is! Insh'allah I will return to the New Republic article and comments made by Kevin over at Lakeshore Laments later on.

One of my hobbies is cooking and baking. At the cafeteria of a former client of mine they would from time to time server classic sandwiches wrap style. For example a reuben wrap. They were good so now I am making all sorts of different sandwiches wrap style. My latest was a tuna salad sandwich wrap style. Yesterday I had ham & cheese w/Lettuce & tomato. I have made my own ham & cheese, and reuben wrap.

One has to make a couple of alterations. First off, do not slice the cheese but grate it instead. Again chop vegetables and depending on the situation you may or may not cut the meat portion up. For example with my reuben wrap I smear the wrapper up with russian salad dressing, put at least one whole piece of corn beef on the wrapper then put the kraut and swiss cheese on and wrap it up in foil and pop it the toaster oven. Yummy!

My next wrap (after I exhaust my ham and tuna salad) is going to be my turkey (or chicken) and swiss sandwich. Do not get deli meat for this job, go out and get a whole chicken or whole turkey breast. Lettuce, onion, tomato, swiss cheese and 1000 island salad dressing.

Quick comment on the New Republic article and to my fellow conservatives. Please stop referring to those on the political left as liberals. They are way too often anything but liberal in fact they are often illiberal. They are leftists not liberals!