Thursday, February 17, 2005

Senator Ellis Republican!

Owen at Boots & Sabers puts the RINO tag on Senator Michael Ellis. Below is a comment I left on this and share it with my audience here.

Not a good team player YES, a RINO NO!

Even though he is my state senator and I have had phone conversations, exchanged letters, and some face time with him Senator Ellis is a bit of a mystery.

First I do not consider him a RINO anymore than McCain is. I oppose the CFR on First Amendment grounds and Ellis wants it to silence the teacher’s union. Republicans up north share that sentiment, the only large and well organized force in Forest County for instance is WEAC. His campaign finance reform is based pretty much on putting a lid on the teacher’s union. Doesn't’t make it anymore palatable to myself.

Secondly in countless communications with Senator Ellis it is clear he does not want limits to spending growth he wants *REAL* cuts to the budget. That is he wants less spending overall. He was clear that the last budget that was passed in McCallums term did nothing to fix the budget problem just postponed the time of reckoning.

His position on TABOR is somewhat ambiguous to myself. At our corn roast last fall he expressed in no uncertain terms he was opposed to it. Now I do not know if his opposition was to the mangled proposal that was in front of the legislature or to TABOR in general, but if I may he likened it to a Tax Collectors Bill of Rights.

Senator Ellis is a character. In our corn roast conversation I came away with the feeling the guy has almost unlimited enthusiasm. Quite clearly Senator Ellis is a Randy Moss type of figure. Unfortunately, this kind of attitude plays well in the press and with those who go to the Packer game and cheer Brett Favre and Randy Moss (the best players on the field).

Loose cannon yes. RINO NO.