Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Persecution of Lt. Pantano

Most of you probably already know of this. But in the effort to make sure everyone knows about it I repeat it. Quite a bit of blogging has been done on this by Michelle Malkin & Powerline so head to their sites to see the details.

It has an Apocolypse Now ring to it. The Mad Colonel was frustrated by the half-hearted approach the US was working with in Vietnam and went renegade. The Mad Colonel was relating to Sheen's character about how they polio-immunized the children in a given village and later on discoverded the VC (or others opposed to the US) and hacked off the immunized arms of the children. The Mad Colonel then wished he had a division of warriors like that and how they could finish the war. Killing without regret was one comment I can recall from the Mad Colonel.

When those who are clearly innocent are killed or harmed we should have regret and consider what can and what should be done to lessen the impact upon non-combatants. But the two killed by Lt. Pantano were clearly non-innocents and most likely were full fledged combatants we should NOT sacrfice Lt. Pantano on account of them.