Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Faster Please.

Michael Ledeen has written an excellent piece on the state of affairs in Iraq at the moment. As is always the case he expresses exasperation with our State Department for not even offering moral support to the true revelutionaries in Iran.

One of the truisms of war is once you are on a roll is not to stop. You press your advantage and do not give the enemy time to rest and or recover. Right now the enemies of liberty are on their heels.

Here is a taste:
"But the wheel turns, as ever. Such moments are transient, and if they are not seized, they will pass, leaving the bitter aftertaste of failure in dry mouths and throttled throats. The world looks to us for more action, not just brave words, and we must understand both the quality of this moment and the revolutionary strategy we need to adopt to ensure that the revolution succeeds. Above all, we must applaud those who got it right, starting with the president, and discard the advice of those who got it wrong, including some of our 'professional experts.'"

See the full article!

In the soc.culture.filipino newsgroup I made a comment to someone posting about the apparent victory of Sistani's party. This fellow prognosticated on Nov 2 that Kerry looked to be in great position to win (based on his view of the turnout at the poll he was watching). I replied by wondering if the his article talking about Sistani's victory was going to be as accurate as his Nov 2 call. In turn someone replied to me talking about how the Iraqis rejected the American puppet. Mr. Ledeen refers to Allawi as the pet of the State Dept. & CIA career-eaucrats and how Dr. Rice & Mr. Goss should put an immediate end to it.

Many mistake Mr. Ledeen as pushing for war. My congressman expressed this concern to me as well. Most often Mr. Ledeen is not calling for war but just simple moral support of the Iranian revelutionaries. It is as if the State Department is afraid of Iran, is afraid to call Iran for what it is. That is why the President's Axis of Evil speech was so refreshing.