Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Another Fake Memo?

Powerline Blog is very suspicious of the memo released to various leftist blogs and the MSM. FYI, the memos were reportedly distributed to Republican senators and contains talking points a few of which one can view as damaging to the GOP.

Hindrocket analyzes what has gone on to date with the memo and looks into three possibilities. The most likely he concludes is the memo is a dirty trick. Some facts about the memo are in order.

The memo was distributed without any identifying marks on it, no letterhead or nothing. Versions of the memo seen on the MSM and on various left wing blog sites differ. There are some key errors in the spelling of important names (at least in some versions) and the bill passed by the congress was mis-identified. Other suspicious indications are the fact a good portion of the memo is word for word from the website of the Traditional Values Coalition (a possibility considered is it comes from the TVC itself, but dismissed).

Hey leftists & MSM, you didn't fool the people the first time, why do you think they will fall for it the second time?