Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Coincidental Creation.

A day or two ago I discovered I am not the only person in the world to have used "THugo Chavez" again I swear to you dear reader I did not crib this from the other two usages Google knows about (or any other usage). It is a form of parallel development like they talk about on Star Trek.

Anyway this happened to me in the Fall of 2002 during the McCallum-Doyle gubernatorial campaign. I was up late one night a tossin-and-turning thinking about the campaign and something to write. As usual I try to come up with something clever and original. I thought I hit a homerun late that one night.

Doyle's campaign theme was "Change" (duuuhhhhh how trite can one be) and I thought to myself "The only change Doyle is interested in, is the change in our pockets!" As the guy on the Guinness commercial says BRILLIANT!. So I woke up (yes I remembered it overnight) and cranked out a letter with this line. Noonish there was a Republican Party of Wisconsin (State Exec Committee) meeting and workshops in Oshkosh (as well as a speech by then Governor McCallum) and a bunch of us went down. Some of the speakers included that sweetheart of the WI Blogosphere Mary Panzer and now discredited Scott Jensen. Scott gave a talk and used the very same "change" line I came up with the night before! It was incredible, so when I submitted the letter to my pals for editing I had to swear (however one swears over e-mail channels) I really came up with that line independently!