Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Gordon Sez...

Gordon is one of the participants in the discussion at Boots and Sabers I pointed out earlier today. Gordon is coming from the left and brings up quite a few of the leftist hymns. One of which is "Oppress Us Not For Dissent."

I have asked for proof (a particular charge is the President has issued this charge) on it and to be fair Gordon is probably not back from home yet.

I find this incredible, this charge the dissenters in the this nation are being oppressed. They need to learn the difference between oppression and criticism. Is not criticism of their dissent not also political speech protected by the First Amendment? Of course it is, it is just the left wants to be believed without reservation and when questioned they freeze. Like Dan Rather and the rest of his screwball team at CBS. They get caught with faked documents and then they say well never mind that trust us the story is true.

As Truman said if you can not stand the heat get out of the kitchen. The oppressed dissenter whine is nothing but a case of not being able to take the heat.