Friday, March 11, 2005

Comment on my anger with GMA.

Yesterday responding to Michelle Malkin's frustration I cursed out GMA the president of the Filipines. Let me be clear, I generally support GMA but I can in no way support her craven appeasement of the terrorists.

Yes, one or two of her kababayan (countrymen) will be saved but the price aside from the money which could be put to better use in the Philippines is more Pinoys kidnapped (and hence more ransom paid), Iraqi women and children dead from the munitions bought and missions paid for, and my kababayan being killed.

Some say the popular sentiment in the Filipines is for appeasement, and I say so what. The popular sentiment in the UK in the late '30s and early '40s was for appeasement too, and Winston did not listen. Appeasement then would have delayed the closing of Auschwitz, Treblinka and the like, similarly appeasement now leads to the death of more Iraqi women and children.

Paki Po, HUWAG! (please Ma'am, Don't! My Tagalog vocab is not large enough to say "Don't pay them Gloria").

One last note about all of this. My follow up on Michelle's blog led to a comment from someone from U-Cal Berkeley. He throws a Tagalog mother-insult my way. I was tempted to delete the comment but due to the nature of the instigating blog I leave it. In any event it will probably be in the archives by tonight or mid-tomorrow.