Monday, March 28, 2005

Eight-Ball Award Goes to. . .

Colleen Sutherland!

OFFICIAL STUPIDITY: I am opposed to most bans, because they lead to censorship from right and left. I would ban bans. However, if one must make a choice, how about putting a ban on stupidity? Any official be it local, state or national who has done something idiotic that has adversely affected the Constitution, economy, environment or welfare of the citizens would be barred from holding public office in the future. Many Representatives in Congress would not be re-elected, Wolfowitz would not become director of the World Bank, and Tom DeLay would be sent packing back to Texas. But that would require an intelligent electorate.

Colleen Sutherland,

Colleen is a barking moonbat species all onto herself! I will have to look into this further later on.

Her diatribe above which actually seems reasonable by her usual moonbarking is yet another example how the left is opposed to self-determination and wants to determine everything for you.

Congratulations Colleen, despite tough competition today you are today's winner of the Eight Ball Award!
Colleen Sutherland you are a one big Eight Ball!
Colleen's Award!