Monday, March 14, 2005

The Last Bit.

Time tonight for The Last Bit.

Currently in the CD player my Kronos Quartet CD (Winter Was Hard) is spinning. The third track known as Fratres is what is playing.

Whenever I hear this song it gives me very strong recollections of my first year in the United Arab Emirates especially around the time of my first trip to Khorfakhan. I can almost close my eyes and imagine I am in my flat listening to the piece. This was also the time I was pursuing Agneta and Fratres is definitely in a minor key (not being a trained musician I can not tell exactly) and has a definite melancholy kind of longing air to it.

I have often been asked why I prefer classical (don't get picky on me "Norman Gilliland") music to pop. It is simple. It all started my freshmen year in college. I found a classical music club ad in one of the magazines I bought and I decided why not, cheap enough. I ordered three albums, two violin concertos by Mozart, Toccata & Fugue in D Minor by Beethoven and IIRC Tchaikovsky sixth sypmphony (not certain about this one). The violin concertos were wonderful and it disabused me of the stereotype of classical music, that it moves with a very slow beat.

A couple of years later I replaced those with CDs and then a year after that I met and started dating Dionysia. It was a short affair and when it was over I was not keen on listening to a lot of pop music because much of pop music is loaded with sexual angst and innuendo and I just couldn't tolerate that at that moment. So I listened to classical music much more and it was already something I enjoyed and I came to enjoy it much more.

I like other music too, don't get me wrong. I don't go to a party and pop in The Kronos Quartet, but I don't pop in the Grateful Dead either.

When it isn't classical music I am pretty much not picky. Country & regular pop (country is pop music with a twang), jazz, whatever. My only standard is it be serious music and by serious I mean it is an honest effort at making good music for arts sake rather than for the bucks sake.

Also pop music is anything rock n rollish. So Metallica counts as does the Grateful Dead, as does the Doors as does Led Zeppelin etc.

One last note before I sign off for the night. A quick search on google returns previous usages of THugo Chavez, one on Free Republic and another at (one about one month ago, the other over a year) but only two and I absolutely positively did not see those when I came up with THugo Chavez on my own. I e-mailed that blog to the guys at Powerline. Lets see if they or some other blogger on their level starts using THugo. This has happened to me before.

Good Night & may God Bless You All!