Monday, March 14, 2005

Marcus in Arabia: Claudia.

I went a bachelor I returned happily engaged.

Shortly after arriving I went one night to the Intercon with a colleague whom I got along with and while sitting around drinking barley pops another group from the University popped in. They were there to celebrate the birthday of the secretary from our department (Math and computers). I will refer to her as Agneta. Agneta hailed from the Filipines and was a year to one and one-half year younger than myself. So we got up from the bar and sat down with this party (more beer!) and had an enjoyable time.

Later on in the night a couple from the party told me Agneta had something going for me. I had no objections and started to court her. For a while it was nice, we would go out on Wednesday after work for dinner and to hang out. That happened for a while and then Agneta started to pull away. As it turns out the friends who had mentioned that Agneta had the hots for me were hoping to steer her away from another friend whom Agneta really had the hots for. Anyway being a stubborn type I am I hung in their for a couple of years (yes years) hoping to the next in line when Agneta was dumped by Arcturus. It never happened they married and last reports I have heard had them living the hard life in the UK (joblessness is also rumored back to me, do we know what schaudenfreude means?). Anyway at about the time I finally admitted to myself the hopelessness of the situation I started attending church regularly again.

I often found myself in the company of Claudia whom I had initially met some years earlier. From that point it was the same old story of boy meets girl and shortly after that we started spending time away from church together and going to visit friends and functions together. Shortly afterwards I proposed and she accepted. This was around '95 or so. So Claudia and I were then a semi-official unit.

Recall I left the UAE in 1998 and in 2000 we finally managed to process all of the needed paperwork and Claudia joined me here in Appleton. We married shortly after that and things have been pretty good! As Jack says As Good as it Gets she makes me want to be a better man.