Monday, March 07, 2005

Greg Underheim in Appleton.

I went to see Greg this night.

He started off in a very interesting manner. He talked about the future economy and the how the nature of our demographics is going to mean slower economic growth and how that is going to impact governmental spending. He stated most state programs in the budget took a hit. He then noted one area of funding did not. Public Education.

He noted that in the future the taxpayers are NOT going to forever support the current pace of spending growth in education. This presents a choice get better at educating or cut back on education quality. He stated without improving education methodology and delivery taxpayers will force the issue.

The most ironic moment of the night was his description of state of virtual schooling. WEAC sued Appleton's virtual school and lost. WEAC then studied their loss and then adjusted and sued the Northern Ozaukee County (NOC) School District over their virtual school system. He informed us the defendents are the NOC School District and the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). He then pointed out to us the DPI has filed briefs to support WEAC! Sounds like the DPI is opposed to virtual schools!

Mr. Underheim noted the gifted students and the slower students are the biggest beneficiaries of the virtual school technology. The top students can whiz through what they already know and have the motivation to self study, the slower students benefit from parental help.

Now, I know little about how virtual schools work and I know not the arguments of their critics. What are they?