Friday, March 04, 2005

The Last Bit.


Luckily I managed to bring up the little teeny-tiny CD with my SD card reader windoze drivers. I have it all installed and transferred the pix from my SD card to this system. So tomorrow I hope to find time to post them. Some of the pictures are showing the full on winter we have up here. The piles of snow are over six feet!

Tomorrow we go to Ski Brule and I will carve it up like it was a Thanksgiving-day turkey! The problem is tomorrow evening we are expecting soem friends we have not seen in some time so instead of blogging I will be visiting with them. I will try and in any event I will get the pix out here on Monday or Tuesday.

I really love winter up here. It is very peaceful.

One last note, I just had the pictures from President Bush's March 30, 2004 visit scanned onto CD will be posting those as soon as I can!

Good Night and God Bless You All!