Saturday, March 05, 2005

Sunshine in the Northwoods!

Good Morning,

The coffee is brewed and the left over tuna noodle casserole is reheated! Hahahaha!

On today's agenda:

  1. Carve up Ski Brule like it was a Thanksgiving Day Turkey

  2. Have a chili dog with cheese and pitcher of Gilligan's Red (aka Killian's Red) at the Homestead Lodge

  3. Sit in the Bear's Den and have a can or two apres ski

  4. Meet an old buddy after some shopping and perhaps church (Mr. Binversie, you know this fellow)

  5. Eat a good spaghetti dinner

  6. Go to bed

As you see Blogger Beer does not fit into today's agenda but I will try to squeeze it in!