Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Gregg Underheim.

I am disappointed by the Wisconsin Blogosphere. AFAIK there is only one other WI blogger who has mentioned Gregg Underheim. I e-mailed two of them last night about this and not a peep. There has been all sorts of bytes created over property tax freezes and the like. Property tax freezes are fine but they only cover the symptom, freeze the property taxes and like trying to squeeze a balloon on one end the tax burden will not be lessened but it will just shift.

The root cause of the tax crisis in this state is a narrow minded focus on school spending. WEAC and the DPI under its current leadership only is interested in two things. More members and more spending. When an approach shows promise that does not need more WEAC members or more spending they are not only not interested they are hostile. Virtual schools for example are worth investigating and show great promise but nope, WEAC is suing and even though the DPI is a defendant they are filing briefs to support WEAC.

We need new vision in the DPI we need Gregg Underheim!

If you are a WI blogger and have blogged favorably about Gregg Underheim let me know and I will conglomerate those links! Thanks.