Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Last Bit.

The Last Bit comes earlier than normal this evening. Claudia & I are headed to Whitelaw to celebrate my father's birthday.

Anyway here is my little scribbling for tonight's The Last Bit

I enjoy wordsmithery. Few things give me the satisfaction as crafting a clever sentence or coming up with a new word. One thing that makes me crazy is when some one retorts "Is that in the dictionary?" Often times it comes after crafting a noun into an adjective. Arrrrggggghhhhhhh! It doesn't have to be in the dictionary! All it does is to have to follow the rules of English.

For example do you understand what I mean by "wordsmithery". If you have a full twelve years of schooling you have a pretty good chance. If you went to college and it escapes you, your college failed you and you should demand a refund. The context of the rest of this scribbling should be enough for you to figure out what "wordsmithery" means.

Since I started writing seriously (probably about ten years ago on the Internet newsgroups) I have been told I write well, at least by non-writers and some people who spend time writing quasi-professionally say the same.

Often times when asked what time I will be somewhere I will say "Three-O'Clockish". This drives people around me crazy and but I persist. Do you expect to always be somewhere at 3:00 exactly? Of course not, perhaps 2:55, or 3:10; in my opinion the "ish" adds important meaning. I guess one can say it is assumed the time of meeting will not be at 3:00 exactly but I like that extra meaning.

I have done professional writing and it was technical writing. I was writing job descriptions. I learned a lot and one thing I learned is technical writing is boring! I understand why this has to be so, but it is boring none-the-less. This sort of writing is not.

Good Night!