Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Last Bit.

Vacations I have found are often more work than work. Trying to pack (doubly so for this procrastinator) at the last moment, getting directions, the drive, getting to the "destination" only to wake up early the next day and to travel to some other destination. It is almost a relief to get back to work sometimes!

My last serious vacation was last summer (the one I took in early February was one of those more work than work types, it was nice but it was fairly hectic). My wife and I took two weeks off and went out East. From the start it was a great vacation. It started off with the purchase of a another car (not a new one!) a 2002 Impala with only 25,000 miles! Almost 100,000 less than the blazer which was just totaled (another blog's story). So I was rushing to complete the transaction and Claudia was packing. Got the different car home and packed it up and pointed it East. Our first stop was Whitelaw to dine with my mother and to sleep just a bit. That was nice and the surprise of the different car (my parents expected us to take my Dad's car) was cool.

We had dinner, got 25 winks, woke up and drove into Manitowoc to catch the Badger. We crossed the lake with no problem and got to Ludington early in the morning and we continued on. We finally reached Saginaw which was our first stop. Spent a couple of days there (one of them was the 4th of July) and there was not a whole lot to do. Visit, eat, sleep, and read!

The vacation gave me lots of time to read. That may be the yardstick by which I judge a good vacation. If I can read a couple of books then it is a good vacation. By the time our vacation was winding down and we were headed back to Wisconsin (from the Toronto area) I had completed reading four books! Ronald Reagan and God by Paul Kengor, Persecution by David Limbaugh, Bias and Arrogance both by Bernard Goldberg.

It wasn't we did not do a whole lot, we did. We went to Montreal, we caught some sights around Toronto but most of all we just hung out with Claudia's sister, brother-in-law & two totally adorable nieces. At the end we drove back to Appleton in one day (about ten hours of travel including the trip across Lake Michigan).

So I read four books, hung out with some special people, and was bored. In summary a great vacation.