Friday, March 04, 2005

The Point of Blogger Beer.

I think it time to explain Blogger Beer's mission especially now that its mission is becoming clearer to myself.

Blogger Beer is first and foremost my personal political blog. I had invited some people to blog with me, but if I want to co-blog with others than I will form another blog or join another blog (e.g. The Badger Blog Alliance, and being who I am it would probably be to form one on my own). So expect only the scribblings of myself here.

The magazine I have subscribed to for the longest period of time is The National Review. I remember shortly after graduating UW-P seeing adverts with William F. Buckley Jr., Charleton Heston, and Tom Selleck talking about the magazine with one of the Brandenburg Concertos playing in the background. It intrigued me and since I was nearly complete recovering from College Leftist Syndrome I was able to bring myself to subscribe. This was around about 1990. Since then I have been a subscriber off and on mostly on and even when I was in Arabia I was a subscriber and most of the issues did make it to myself.

National Review Online has a deep impact upon my writing most notably Jonah Goldberg. He is one of the best writers out there and I aim to discuss items from a loftier perspective. For, if one understands the philosophical underpinnings of conservatism well then it is easy to analyze issues from a more technical point of view. As my posts on the TABOR show I can get down and dirty with the mechanics of policy.

The other items not related to politics noted here at Blogger Beer I feel are important. All of us are more than just hacks with an interest in politics. Other interests of mine include, writing, cooking, skiing, community service and outdoor sports. I want to share those interests with you. My life overseas is always an interest to people so I write about that and I have sent many bits over the wire on that topic. I want to make sure I don't bore you about that life overseas but from my interaction with people I rarely go overboard and usually leave people wanting more on that.

My attempts at poetry and non-prose I know are crude and clumsy. I try is all I can say. Poetry writing is very difficult, very difficult indeed. I can whip out a haiku as quick as anyone but those are easy. Limericks are more difficult but they are of very rigid form so they are relatively easy as well. Free form poetry though is a bear.

Reading poems I see rhymes are not the key. Rhymes do one thing and is to help establish a rhythm. Poems must have rhythm and while I do not mind a cute rhyme I hate rhymes that seem contrived. Since poems have rhythm they often are put to music. Jim Morrison of the Doors wrote poetry and many of those poems became the basis of their songs. Some songs they rhymes just seem soooooooo cheesy! You know what I mean, time to get lean or plant the bean, the water has a nice sheen? I can not remember what song it is but there is one out there that offends me in particular when it comes to me that will probably be an entire blog on its own! I hear that song and I take up the rhyme and keep going with it.

So! Blogger Beer is primarily a politico's attempt at general writing with a fuzzy focus on politics.