Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Last Bit.

Tonight's The Last Bit is grim.

Everyone who reads this blog even a little bit knows where I stand on Terri Schiavo. This is a horrible wrong and our government and society are failing the weakest of us.

The picture I took in the UAE desert near my home. The goat was hobbled and left to die a cruel death. Why are we allowing the same thing to happen to a person?

I Thirst
I was unwanted
I was hobbled
I now thirst

Will you help me?
Will you fight for me?
Will you even care?

A hobbled goat dead in the UAE desert

I am forgotten
I am used
I was hungry

Are you listening?
Are you concerned?
Are you too busy?

I plead
I hunger
I thirst

Good Night & God Bless You!