Monday, March 14, 2005

The Philippine's Problems Continue.

Wretchard over at The Belmont club relates and analyzes a story of a jailbreak by Abu Sayyf operatives which happened earlier today.

Wretchard's money quote:

But for the average Filipino minimum-wage prison guards the situation is subtly different. He knows he is guarding celebrities who can attempt a jailbreak, constitute the panel to negotiate with if it goes wrong, demand a direct response from the Philippine cabinet, get any legal aid they want; who can kill their warders, extract a guarantee of nonreprisal and give a national television press conference afterward. Little wonder that some guards accept the money offered by these 'rebels' to let them go.

Couple that with this story:
Philippine Army Major General Carlos Garcia pleaded not guilty in a military court martial Tuesday on charges that he falsely declared his assets. He is accused of amassing some $2 million in cash and real estate on a $600 monthly salary.
. . .
If found guilty, he could face up to six years in prison. Prosecutors say they are also building evidence to charge the general with a more serious crime, plunder, punishable by death.

Investigators are sure he is not the only one stealing the national treasure. Wretchard has posted much about the Filipines and their inability to fight Abu Sayyf and the elitist resistance to fight Abu Sayyf, makes the Filipines a questionable partner in the WOT. Their bribery to spring hostages and their unwillingness to prevent other thugs from openly funding Abu Sayyf (which is what Kaddafi's previous ransoms amount to).

Any official of the Philippine government convicted of corruption involving more than one-half million pesos (roughly $9,250) should face the long needle!