Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Michelle Weighs in on P2P and is Light.

P2P is peer-to-peer a general software protocol for two computers on the internet to share files.

Michelle Malkin is not concerned about the recording industry but about how this sort of file sharing is enabling pedophiles to share kiddie porn and to swipe pictures of children off the PCs of the unsuspecting.

See the whole blog here and here is a sample:
I am all for protecting those "really excellent uses." And I am all for protecting software entrepreneurs and their right to create new products. This blog wouldn't exist without them. But there's a cloud of unreality hanging over the P2P debate. It's not just high-minded geek revolutionaries against Big Media/RIAA/MPAA who are benefiting from P2P. And P2P ain't just about trading your favorite tunes.

It's also about sickos and smut purveyors who have unprecedented access to an unimaginable volume of child porn--not to mention photos of children made available to child sex predators through indavertent file-sharing.

First off anyone using the Internet should learn at least a little bit about computer security. It is even becoming possible to lock windows down but unfortunately most people can not be bothered about protecting the files on their PCs.

Secondly and this is where I diverge from Michelle's view. What can be done? It doesn't take a genius to develop their own file sharing protocols and standards. That is anyone who knows how the Internet works can set up their own P2P system. I am quite certain there is at least one or two pedophiles who can write their own P2P systems.

Another point. What is there to stop pedophiles from using old TCP/IP protocols to distribute kiddie porn? Heck, good ole FTP is quite adequate to do the job. It is a brave new world and it didn't become new or brave with P2P systems.

This is interesting from another angle. Some weeks ago I blogged about a document coming from the Department of Homeland Security addressing how Jihadis use the Internet to communicate. They use the same exact Internet tools we all do (e-mail, FTP, the WWW, P2P etc etc etc) and exploit the same poor security all too many systems have (or don't have, even poor security would be better than none which again too many systems on the Internet are wide-open).

Here is that blog on the Dept. Of Homeland Security publication discussing how the Jihadis use the Internet to communicate. It was clear they not only use P2P but every other Internet protocol out there.

Sorry Michelle the only thing to be done is for people to be vigilant in their home PC security precautions and for investigators to continue going after those who create and post the smut (oh, that's right the SCOTUS has upheld freedom of speech for creators of virtual child pornography, I wonder if they looked at Belgium law for that).

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