Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Terri McCormick: A Bio. Part I.


Sometime ago Owen at Boots and Sabers blogged thusly:
I don't know much about her. She seems to have slipped under most people's radars. I'm not sure that that reflects well on her career.

I commented
She isn't under your radar anymore!

Terri is my rep in the Assembly and she will do a great job representing the 8th District in Washington D.C. Her work in the Assembly is not flashy but it is still important.

FC: [sic was supposed to be FD for full disclosure]
She attended a fundraiser up in GB (http://www.newbayanihan.org/PEN/) on Jan 22 that I was a part of organizing and volunteered to help her campaign out.

Anyway I am going to blog a series on Terri's background. The comment about Terri being under Owen's radar is interesting. Owen is located down in the Southeast Part of Wisconsin so he is going to be less aware of the candidates than us who actually live in the 8th CD. So far I believe the candidates are Terri, Steve Wieckert, John Gard, and rumors have Paul Jadin running as well.

I personally know Terri and Steve and have a friend who knows Paul. This is the first time in politics I am in this situation where I personally know two of the candidates fairly close up.