Wednesday, March 02, 2005

More Vision & Leadership.

Jay Nordlinger over at National Review Online reports that the moview Hotel Rwanda has moved the President quite a bit. His sources say the President viewed the movie twice and sees similarties in Darfur. Jay then quotes Mark Steyn's review of the movie. Money quote:
. . . it was the Hutu energetically hacking the Tutsi into oblivion, while the parties who could have prevented the slaughter — notably President Clinton, the Pain-Feeler-in-Chief — gave a massive shrug of indifference: Toot, toot, Tutsis, goodbye! When I first heard about Hotel Rwanda, I didn't think you could pull off a movie "about" this subject. It's really an anti-story — it's about the cavalry not showing up.

Jonah Goldberg in the Corner had a similar take. He talks about viewing world situations as a movie and what you want as the movie's ending. He noted that in the movie on Rwanda the desired ending would be someone coming in and putting an end to the bloodshed; that is the arrival of the cavalry.