Monday, April 18, 2005

Appleton Post Crescent and Gun Lawsuits.

In a recent editorial the Appleton Post Crescent came out against the law to provide immunity to the gun industry from lawsuits. Then they ran a reader reaction forum on the question. The reader reaction forum was almost unanimously against the Post Crescent's position, in fact I do not recall a single reader who came out against immunity.

The Post Crescent misses a fine point here. There is no doubt lawsuits that are worthy in merit and in intentions. The problem the gun industry is facing though is the attempt to legislate through the judiciary, the left wants to use lawsuits the same exact way they did in the tobacco lawsuits. They know they can not illegalize cigarettes through the legislature so they attempt to shut down the tobacco industry via the courts.

So far the left has been stymied by the legislature when trying to prohibit our second amendment rights. So they now use the same angle the tobacco prohibitionists use, the courts. They want to make the gun-industry less profitable by exprorpriating their profits. Of course the leftists will argue this compensates society for the cost that guns exact from society, they will then put these funds into the general revenue and spend the money as if it were plain old tax dollars. A judicially imposed tax an affront to our Constitution.

Congress is expected to soon address a bill that would give gun makers and gun sellers immunity from lawsuits. Gun makers still would be liable for defective guns, but only if they were “used as intended.”

The gun industry says the bill is needed to protect itself from frivolous cases. But it goes far beyond that, also protecting acts of carelessness by gun makers and dealers that cost lives.
Source: Appleton Post Crescent Sunday April 17, 2005: Gun industry doesn’t deserve immunity law
The editorial asks: "Why, among all the types of industry in the United States, should gun makers and gun sellers get a protection from lawsuits that no other type of industry has?" Answer: Because the left is going to try to sue the industry out of business, that is to use the judiciary to accomplish what they can not legislatively.

Thank God the reader reaction forum adds sanity to counterbalance the PC's silly editorial.