Monday, April 18, 2005


Not too long ago on New Sisyphus they were criticizing Pope John Paul II for anti-Americanism. I never saw the Pope as Anti-American and think the case presented by New Sisyphus weak. However, my guess is there exists a body of Anti-American thought at the Vatican. Last night provided evidence of that.

Last night on WJOK (AM 1050) Catholic Radio they aired a piece from Vatican Radio. This piece featured a priest from the Texas border who ministered to "undocumented" workers aka illegal aliens. This piece soundly and without doubt cast the Minuteman project as a rogue vigilante group. I wish I had a transcript of the piece, I got so disgusted with it I turned it off, but did turn it back on.

There is just concern that our southern borders are vulnerable to allowing terrorists to sneak in and not just with themselves but with gear and weaponry.