Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Eight-Ball Award Returns to Blogger Beer!

What a run! When was the last Eight-Ball Award given out?

Well today's Appleton Post Crescent (Tuesday April 19, 2005) after a long drought yields an eight-ball!

SECURE AS LOTTERY: I’ve got an idea for Social Security. Let’s give everyone a share of their Social Security money in a lump sum so we can all buy PowerBall tickets, instead of another risky investment — stocks.

Wendy Williamson,


Yes! Ms. Williamson you show an amazing level of ignorance that makes one suspect you to be a batty socialist or communist. You show an amazing unawareness that "...adjusted for inflation, the return on US stocks amounted to 6.3% a year, better than any other class of securities." Source: Long Term Returns

Obviously you are a communist because you show an amazing lack of understanding in how our economic system works. No my understanding of the President's social security ideas are you save a bit on your own, you control it. I guess if you want take that money and put in CDs with your bank you can. If you want to invest it in high risk biotechnology stocks you can NOT. That is to say there will be restrictions on the types of investments you can place this money into and those restrictions will limit the risk.

Anyway while your Eight-Ball should be RED Ms. Williamson our stock Eight-Ball award will have to do! CONGRATULATIONS!

Ms. Williamson'sd!
Ms. Williamson's Award!