Monday, April 18, 2005

ACLU Provocateurs.

According to this report the ACLU is aiding and abetting illegal aliens and trying to provoke and hinder the Minutemen.

American Civil Liberties Union activists shadowing the Minuteman Project at the U.S.-Mexican border in Arizona are actively aiding and abetting aliens attempting to enter the country illegally, said a spokesman for the volunteer civilian force.

Grey Deacon told Joseph Farah's nationally syndicated "WorldNetDaily RadioActive" audience yesterday that ACLU monitors sent to the border to watch Minuteman activity and report civil-liberties abuses to authorities have begun flashing lights, sounding horns and warning off illegals and their "coyote" human smugglers from entering territory patrolled by the volunteers.
Source: South East Arizona Republican Club - ACLU "Legal Observers" Engaging in Criminal Activity; Aiding Illegal Aliens Entering U.S. and Smoking Dope
The South East Arizona Republican Club also post photographs of what they claim are some of the ACLU provocateurs "toking up".

I have no problem with the ACLU watching to make sure the Minutemen maintain proper behavior towards the illegal aliens but I find it outrageous they are actually trying to hinder and provoke the Minutemen.

Good thing I save this post! It would have been lost!