Monday, April 18, 2005

OCRP Post Exec Meeting Chit Chat.

Centered around many things, some of which is non-reportable due to its nature (see my Tagalog lesson in the previous blog). There was one discussion I can relay to you here.

It was brought up that we have two top notch men running for the Republican nomination to replace Governor Doyle. Any Republican with a gram of sense knows it a shame one of them may run into a career killer. One of the people hanging around then brought up the example of Minnesota.

That example had Pawlenty and Coleman fighting for the Senatorial nomination. Again two top rate men one is going to lose. What ended up happening there, was the President and Karl Rove talked to Mr.s Pawlenty and Coleman. Coleman stayed in the senate race and won, Pawlenty then ran for governor and won that!

One problem here is that Kohl is more popular in his job than Tommy Thompson was and that makes for a real big challenge.

That was a real good observation and National Review had an article on Pawlenty recently, I will have to see if that was brought up in the article.

Stay tuned!