Wednesday, April 27, 2005


FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY: Recently, I heard a powerful speech to Congress by Ukraine President Victor Yushchenko on freedoms and democracy in the Ukraine. We cannot allow the administration to water down our own freedoms and liberties here in the United States to further its political agenda. The administration is further brazenly trying to eliminate the filibuster, which is the only tool the minority party has to block the appointment of radical cabinet members and judges. The Democrats have to have the resolve to fight this injustice. A greater percentage of justices were already approved during this administration than during the Clinton administration.

Tom Van Elzen,

Source: It's Your Call - The Appleton Post Crescent April 27, 2005

Well, at least he didn't use the same exact wording from the MoveOn form but it pretty much is straight from the MoveOn form.

The administration is NOT trying to eliminate the filibuster. The SENATE Republicans are looking at barring the use of filibusters to prevent votes on judicial appointments! The senate STILL will still have an advise and consent role to play. Yes, Tom we know a greater percentage of Bush appointments were approved than Clinton appointments, but guess what? How many of them were filibustered?

Ah yes, the ole radical word. The only thing radical about the these justices is they don't genuflect in front of the Roe v. Wade altar.

Again let me remind everyone the filibuster is NOT a check and balance! I dare all to find it in the constitution. It is NOT there! The filibuster is a procedural rule nothing more nothing less. The congress is duly authorized to write its rules to conduct its business.

Tom Van Elzen start clearing another space on your mantle! Yes, Tom Van Elzen you have just won your second Eight-Ball award!

What an effort by Tom!
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