Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Fwd: Procedural Squabbles.

Another procedural squabble is really heating up the Congress. This one is
the ethics committee. The Republicans offered to restore the old house
ethics committee rules.

The Democrats were upset by the change of committee rules. The old rules
specified in the event of a deadlock on a vote investigation would continue.
The new rules calls for a dismissal of the charges in the event of a deadlock

The Democrats turned down the offer. Rush predicted the Dems would turn it
down as soon as the offer became public and his prediction turned out
correct. He sees a couple of things that would cause disadvantage for the
Democrats in all of this.

If the charges against DeLay were brought to the committee and the committee
would not be able to find anything then the story is done. Right now the
Democrats and their sympathizers in the MSM can keep the DeLay ethics story
going. If the charges are dismissed the story is done it loses all

Two there is concern about similar ethics charges against themselves. Rush
points out there is an active ethics investigation against Jim McDermott from
Washington and even the MSM has noted quite a few Democrats are scrambling to
file reports and amending turned in reports on their travels.