Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Last Bit.

Yes my Blogger Beer Buddies,

It is time again for The Last Bit! Once again a photo, remember last night's photo of the Northern Wisconsin Red Fox? Tonight, it is that very same Northern Wisconsin Red Fox in a slightly different pose!

Red Fox Helping Itself to the Land's Bounty of Fish Guts.
A red fox helping itself to fish guts. Yum-yum-yum! © Marcus Aurelius

This is the same fox from last night's The Last bit Red foxes are normally very shy and reclusive but around the cabin they are not so shy and reclusive, they know it is easy eating around people. There is a lot of wildlife up at the cabin. Raccoons, otters, mink, beaver, muskrat, bobcats, bear, fisher, marten etc are all around (some more than others).

I have one more red fox picture to share tomorrow and then it is probably back to African pictures. Oh yeah, I need to do a Marcus in Arabia: The African Trip blog one of these days. I think I will pre-write that before I blog it so the writing is better!

Good Night and May God Bless You!