Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Sinners Are Not Happy With the New Pope.

The aptly named Sinner family is not happy with PBXVI.

HT: Mary Eileen at Stand in the Trenches.

My oh my. The attitude exemplified by the Sinners is the what the Church talks about people elevating themselves and their intellect to a position above that of God's. Unfortunately this is way too common. A month or so ago in our Diocesan newspaper The Compass some PESTy guy wrote in how he was leaving the church because it was too conservative for him. I know people who have left the church for being to leftist (same criticism goes to them as well).

This whole thing can be lumped in with people who attend or do not attend mass because of they like or do not like the priest. Remember people we don't go to Church to witness a stand up comedy routine we go to Church to give honor & glory to God and to fortify ourselves to resist evil and do good.